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SQUARE ONE contains a myriad of reports spread throughout each of the sub-systems. All of them are set up via templates that give the user enormous flexibility over what data to include on the report, how to segregate that data, and how to output it. The latter can be to a screen, onto a printed report, into a file that can be used as input to another report, or as a spreadsheet file. The templates can be named and saved so that each user can have their own battery of reports set up in the manner in which they want to see them. Up to 999 variations can be saved for each template. A listing and simple description of these reports follows.


  • Books On-hand

  • Books To Be Ordered – review scheduled orders or let system suggest orders

  • ISBN Cross Reference – with UPC #’s

  • On-hand / Allocation Review – items allocated to special orders

  • Order Status – PO status

  • Overstock – lists items having an entry in the overstock field on the inventory record

  • Problem Code – lists items that have a problem code attached to it

  • Purchase Order History – for titles, but could be by vendor, over a time period

Standard Reports (available in all sub-system reports section):

  • Inventory Guide / Inventory Master – the latter is all detail on the record

  • Customer Guide / Master

  • Parameter Listing

  • Vendor Guide / Master



  • Book Receiving – all receipts over a selected time period

  • Daily Log – an exceptions report showing differences from PO



  • Books Due to Expire – a 30-day warning, based on vendor return criteria

  • Returns Due to Expire Pick List – a list of titles expiring for returns

  • Schedule Returns to Pick – system suggested returns based upon a return formula

  • Outstanding Requests – open requests for permission to return

  • Return Analysis – another way to review inventory for returns

  • Returns to Pick – lists items that have been given a To Be Picked quantity

  • Preview of Returns – shows returns that will happen if the process is run


Special Orders

  • Book History – items that have been special ordered

  • Book Special Orders – open special orders

  • Customer History – customer special order activity

  • Customer Notices – alert customers that their order is available

  • Customer Recap – all details of orders for the customer

  • Historical Order Completions – detail on invoiced special orders

  • Customer Request Titles – lists items that meet customer request criteria

  • Pick Sheet – detail listing of orders that are to be shipped

  • Pick Sheet by Title – single line listing of titles that need to be pulled for specials

  • Special Order Completions – compare quantity ordered to that allocated

  • Special Order Sales Event – reports completed orders tagged to an event

  • Special Order Sets – lists sets that are on file

  • Specials To Order – lists specials that need to be ordered

  • Shipped History – summary information about order disposition

  • Shipping Tax – taxes for shipped items

  • Book Open Quotes – lists quotes

  • Customer Quotation – puts quotes onto a form


Sales Analysis

  • Book Dollar Value –

  • Book Sales Analysis –

  • Cost Profit History – by department over selected time period

  • Cost Profit Sales – review sales data

  • Cost Profit Summary – like Cost Profit History but with a range of periods

  • Gross Profit – full cost profit detail

  • Historical Inventory Sales – sales data by ISBN by month

  • Order Summary – details on activity by title- PO’s/vendors/quantities ordered & received, date of both,etc.

  • Inventory Comparison – compare performance between two sales periods

  • Inventory Performance – reviews sales performance over a date range


Member Club

  • Bookclub – activity by members of clubs

  • Clubfile – membership information for clubs


Accounts Receivable

  • Aging – of amounts owed by customers

  • Audit Listing – a random sample of records for review

  • Invoice Aging –

  • Summary Report by Customer – summary of activity

  • Transaction Journal – review account activity, including payments

  • Year To Date Listing – year to date aging information

  • Parent Child Relations –lists auto pay accounts and the “children” attached to them

  • Statements – creates statements



  • Daily reports – Cash Register – various breakdowns by tender/product/department/…

    • Product Sales

    • Department/Clerk Recap

    • Margin Changes

    • POS Charge Listing (A/R charges)

    • Credit Card


  • Cash Sheet Summary

  • Demographics – sales tagged with a demographic, like Zip Code

  • Historical reports – (includes all Daily reports)

  • Department/Category Sales Comparison – compares 2 date ranges

    • Discount History

    • Register Reprint

    • Sales Event Recap

    • Tax Exempt

    • Tax


  • Online Cash Register – current day activity, as of the time run

  • Online Cash Sheet – current day activity, as of the time run

  • Other Tender Customer – lists their activity

  • Other Tender Transaction Journal – lists details of other tender transactions



  • On-hand Changes Audit – lists changes made to on-hand amounts by the user doing it

Note: There are processes in SQ1 that create reports as a part of whatever update they are performing. Examples would be the Price Lookup Update or the Weekly Sales Roll. There are also reports built into the Physical Inventory sub-system, like a list of the items scanned, discrepancy report that compares scanned items to what the system shows on file, others. Plus, there are extracts that can be done, like a mailing list extract.



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