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[i]merchant Point of Sale

Point of Sale Software

Point of Sale Software
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The [i]merchant point of sale software is an integrated component of the complete system. It contains all of the functions required for the efficient processing of sales while at the same time being easy to learn and to use. The “under the covers” elements of POS like discount codes, tax rates, allowable credit cards, gift certificates, and gift cards are all parameters that the store sets up and controls. For credit card processing, which includes authorizations and batch settlement, the system integrates with PCCharge, a third party package that allows processing over the Internet or via dial-up.

The point of sale software offers a variety of unique features that make the processing of sales very efficient. These include:

  • Full support of scanning for product look up.

  • Manual product searches if needed.

  • Services like gift wrapping or gift cards can be sold independent of inventory items.

  • System-tracked balances for credit slips, gift certificates, gift cards, etc.

  • Receipts are bar coded for easy refunds, exchanges, or look up.

  • Customers can be attached to the sale for tracking purchases, automatic discounts, and incentive programs.

  • Quick keys allow for the fast sale of bulk items.

  • Discounts can be applied at the time of the sale item by item or to all items at the end of the sale.

  • All sales are tagged with the clerk’s ID.

  • Specific functions can be tagged for management approval.

  • Customer orders can be recalled in total for easy pick up and billing.

  • Product returns can be part of the sale.

  • An unlimited number of tenders can be used.

  • All items are listed on the screen so adjustments or changes can be made at any time.

  • Foreign currencies can be set up and accepted. Exchange rates will calculate change in local currency.

  • Credit card processing is automatically initiated through the reader.

Our point of sale software will run on equipment designed to meet OPOS (Open Point of Sale) standards. We can supply hardware, including CPU’s, monitors, scanners, receipt printers, cash drawers, and keyboards if desired.



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